«Go» Cultural Change Event NEXT Tues!

Just found out I will be the Special Music Guest for the first  ever «Go» Event : Cultural Change. FREE and open to  anyone! (So please come!) 🙂  http://www.goconversation.org/

Tuesday, January 11 7:00 pm Central Presbyterian Church:                      7308 York Road, Towson, MD, USA

«Go» features “intraviews” among cultural leaders and subject matter experts. These conversations are held in a public square where an audience gets to listen in on the ideas, opinions, and questions that are shaping our culture. Join us on 1/11/11, from 7-9:00pm at “The Stage” in Central Presbyterian Church, to hear a politician, a thinker, and a hippie intraview each other on the topic: Cultural Change.

Cultural Change Event Intraviewers:

  • Bill Ferguson, Maryland State Senator, 46th District
  • Mike Metzger, President, The Clapham Institute
  • Thurman Williams, Pastor, Newsong Community Church1/11/11 Cultural Change