My OTHER Blog… (well, one of them;) 


Check out my new Music Biz blog Music Biz Snips (Notes to self…from a DIY Singer/Songwriter) (like biz-ness…biz-snips, get it?)! As the subtitle might suggest, I started this blog for myself, in order to keep track of and categorize things I’m learning as I go. However, I realized that fellow musicians might find it useful, and music lovers (particularly those of you who love MY music;) ) might find the process interesting.

SO, not only did I make it public, but I definitely encourage and appreciate comments, especially insight from fellow musicians who’ve been there/done that and those who are still pretty much at the bottom with me! I love to learn from others, and there is something about sharing mutual struggles that makes one feel not quite so alone in this dog-eat-dog world 🙂

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